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Our story

When Ian Campbell founded JUMP! Swim Schools it was with a simple goal: to create the perfect environment for children to learn to swim.

 As a father of three young boys, he was very aware of the need for learn to swim to be a personal and private experience to ensure the best possible progression and make my children feel safe and secure.

He wanted a special place for children to learn in privacy, and in a quicker timeframe, and the phone has not stopped ringing since.

JUMP! Swim Schools are great boutique learning facilities with a maximum of only two classes at once, as well as a real community feel where we can discuss your child’s progress every class, know every child’s name and even notice when they get a haircut or a new pair of swimmers. This is the way learn to swim should be — small, intimate and private so that every child feels safe and at home as we join them on their swimming journey.

Ian and Jess Campbell and their three boys
Ian and Jess Campbell and their three boys

Where we started

The first JUMP! Swim Schools was located in small Northern NSW town of Grafton. The idea behind JUMP!, was that there was a real need for a specialised facility to teach babies and infants critical first skills in the water.

Previously babies and infants have learnt in aquatic centres along with squad swimmers, public swimmers and other members of the community. These facilities were often noisy and intimidating for little beginners, who need a calm and more personal environment to help them build confidence and those tentative water early skills. Purpose built in a former brewery, the Grafton location was the first JUMP! Swim Schools site.

Early days

The initial success of the original JUMP! in Grafton allowed for expansion, and was soon followed by the successful opening of JUMP! Swim Schools Miami, with the Support Centre locating on the Gold Coast as franchise model was rolled out successfully across the country.

JUMP! sets its sights firmly on the challenge of getting more children learning to swim at a younger age, our expansion supported through successful growth across Australia.

Innovative swimming curriculum

Our swimming curriculum has embraced the recent development in babies learn to swim. Our babies program focuses on building abilities in the water for babies as they grow physically, just as their ability on land increases. It uses best practices from programs across the world, and focuses on the core elements of Conditioning, Buoyancy, Breath Control and Mobility.

JUMP!’s swimming curriculum is a huge leap forward in teaching babies the basic elements of swimming at a young age. This strong curriculum foundation combined with small classes, and private facilities makes JUMP! a critical part of many children’s development in the pool.

What make JUMP! Swim Schools different

This brief history of JUMP! sets the tone for what we are trying to achieve as a company. Not all parents believe in children learning to swim at a young age and JUMP! is growing to prove those parents otherwise.

Children are capable of amazing things given the right instruction and confidence. Parents who have seen results of infants in swim lessons swear by it, as their abilities are nothing short of amazing.

At JUMP! we aim to give them everything they need to achieve their potential in the water. Low class numbers, 32 degree indoor heated pool, clean and private facility, detailed teaching curriculum and ongoing personal attention is all part of the journey with us at JUMP! and we can’t wait to see you in the water to join us in your child’s journey.


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