JUMP! is changing the way kids are learning to swim with Laurie Lawrence

Giving your child the best chance for success with industry leading swim teacher training.

JUMP! Swim Schools is drawing on the knowledge and expertise of arguably the most skilled and prominent voice of water safety in the industry today.  Laurie’s passion for infant aquatics, reducing preventable drownings and developing swim teachers nationally and internationally strongly mirrors JUMP’s mission.

“Delivering the best possible learning environment for children. for every child is JUMP’s reason for being. Thousands of babies and young Aussie kids are learning a vital survival and life skill across our network of schools.

“To add the best and most comprehensive teacher training available with Laurie Lawrence and World Wide Swim School Online only further increases our commitment to parents. We are excited by what this means for children across the country,” said JUMP! founder and director, Ian Campbell.

“World Wide Swim School is pleased to take the partnership plunge with JUMP!  As Australia’s only national swim school, JUMP! is the industry leader in baby learn to swim, with 23 boutique swimming venues for babies and young children, and fifty more opening soon,” said Laurie Lawrence, Australia’s leading advocate for water safety.

“With a large network of swim teachers and franchisees across the country, being able to deliver quality training content seamlessly and easily to our network is essential. By partnering with Laurie and the World Wide Swim School, we have access to a wide variety of professional development material that is essential for the development of our teacher and franchisee network,” said Ian Campbell.

“Our family-friendly approach fosters close relationships with owners, teachers, children and parents making for a familiar and safe environment, perfect for boosting the confidence in young swimmers”, said Ian.

“The JUMP! Swim Schools curriculum is a breakthrough in teaching babies the basic elements of swimming at a young age. We use the best practices from learn-to-swim programs across the world and focus on the core elements of conditioning, buoyancy, breath control and mobility.

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