Why choose JUMP!? 2017-10-24T04:03:26+13:00

Why choose JUMP! for your child?

JUMP! Swim Schools is the way learn to swim should be

Small, intimate and private so that every child feels safe and at home as we join them on their swimming journey.

At JUMP! we proudly focus on having a great boutique learning facility with a maximum of only two classes at once, as well as a real community feel where we can discuss your child’s progress every class, know every child’s name and even notice when they get a haircut or a new pair of swimmers.

Small classes

Baby classes of 6, beginner classes of 4, and stroke correction classes of 4 to 5 ensures that children are getting the individual attention that is critical to their development particularly in those early stages.
Our level of personal attention means we develop relationships which build trust and confidence.
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Warm water

Often swimming with us is a child’s first experience outside of the bath, so we ensure the pool is well heated.
Our indoor pool is heated to 33 degrees to ensure comfort for all ages.

Purpose-built swimming facility

JUMP!’s innovative swimming facilities offer a fun, safe and calm environment dedicated purely to early-years learn to swim lessons.
Having your child learn away from the pressure of crowds, and allowing them to focus on their lesson with minimal distractions, delivers the perfect environment for teaching swim skills.
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Innovative learning environment

We give babies and children everything they need to achieve their potential in the water.

Changing the way kids learn to swim

Expansive, full colour sea life mural adorn the walls from floor to ceiling while the facilities include numerous baby change tables with free baby products, play centre, TV and full amenities.

How often should my child attend swimming lessons to get the best progress? 2016-10-18T02:30:49+13:00

We recommend most students attend two swimming lessons per week. Skill development requires regular practice and two swimming lessons per week is a good start to get the most out of the program.

Why do swimming classes run through school holidays? 2016-10-18T02:40:41+13:00

Swimming is a skill like writing and reading that needs regular practice. Continuing lessons through the school holidays ensures your child’s skill level and confidence is not forgotten.

Do you use floatation devices in your lessons? 2016-10-18T02:43:27+13:00

No.  At JUMP! Swim Schools, we provide a learning environment without the use of flotation devices to ensure your child develops mobility and buoyancy independently.

Will we have the same swimming teacher each week? 2016-10-18T02:45:50+13:00

Yes. Your child will gain confidence and learn the best by having the same teacher.

What are the benefits to doing swimming lessons twice a week?  2017-05-15T21:59:54+12:00

It increases your child’s confidence and will assist with swimming and skill progression.

Are your pools heated? 2017-05-15T21:59:54+12:00

Yes. Our pools are heated to 33 degrees year-round to provide a comfortable learning environment for all ages.

Do you have shower facilities? 2016-10-18T02:53:16+13:00

Yes. We have family-friendly shower and change facilities at every JUMP! Swim School.

Is the pool salt water or chlorinated? 2016-10-18T02:56:03+13:00

Our pools are chlorinated to provide your child with the optimal hygienic environment.

How long do lessons go for? 2016-10-18T02:35:42+13:00

30 minutes on a weekly or twice-weekly basis.

How many children are in the class? 2016-10-18T02:36:14+13:00

Up to 4 in our skills-based levels from 3 and up, and up to 6 in our baby classes.

Will I need to get in the water with my child? 2016-10-18T02:21:43+13:00

In parent and child levels, a parent is required in the water. We are leveraging off the trust built with a parent/relative to help them through initial stages of conditioning and confidence. We also recommend that you wear a top that can be easily held by your child.

How often is my child assessed? 2016-10-18T02:41:31+13:00

Every lesson. We celebrate every achievement in the pool. Each time your child reaches a milestone, they are awarded a special achievement certificate.

Can both parents be in the class? 2016-10-18T02:44:11+13:00

Unfortunately, no. But you can take it in turns! Our small intimate pools are built to give your child the optimal learning experience free of distraction.

My child does not require a parent in the class but can I still hop in the water with them? 2016-10-18T02:32:00+13:00

Unfortunately, no. The independent swimming program with only the teacher and child in water focuses on developing specific skills and techniques that enable your child to propel through the water independently.

Can we have a look at your lessons before we enrol? 2016-10-18T02:33:41+13:00

Yes, you can call to make a time to visit and observe a lesson. Most of our swim schools also  offer Free Trials – to find out if a Free Trial is available, visit our Free Trial page on this website and submit an enquiry.

Do we run on school terms? 2016-10-18T02:38:04+13:00

Our twelve-week terms run from the date of your first lesson. We only close on public holidays and over two weeks at Christmas, pending owner discretion.

What are my payment options for swimming lessons? 2016-10-18T02:57:27+13:00

We offer two payment methods. Direct debit per month and payment in full for a 12-week block.

Can I suspend or receive a credit for swimming lessons if I can’t make it? 2016-10-18T02:22:35+13:00

Unfortunately we cannot transfer or suspend paid lessons to other terms as bookings are based on a reservation system in classes.

What is your make-up lesson policy? 2016-10-18T05:45:22+13:00

We offer two make-up session per 12-week block of lessons with two hours’ notice, so if your child is ill, or you have an unexpected conflicting appointment we can ensure your child continues their learn to swim adventure. Make up lessons are available solely dependent on class availability at your centre.