How We Teach: Prepare, Instruct & Praise 2021-04-08T06:47:27+12:00

How we teach

We treat every little swimmer as if they were our own. Our teachers just loving seeing smiling little faces in the pool at JUMP! And our competency-based program focuses on the joy of participation and parental engagement.

Prepare, Instruct and Praise

Our Prepare, Instruct, Praise philosophy is the backbone of JUMP’s program and is the difference between children developing skills in the water and resisting. This results in children swimming earlier and doing it in a safe, loving and adventurous spirit.

PREPARE our children through the use of water conditioning, a basic fundamental is the need of children to not only accept water but embrace it.

INSTRUCT our children through telling them with verbal direction and showing them with physical manipulation of their body to help develop the motion and the skill. We guide them through the process with support and assistance.

PRAISE our children for every success. Learning to swim is a fun adventure! After every new skill or attempt we provide encouragement and recognition.

We know every child by name

JUMP! swim teachers know every child by name and love talking to Mums and Dads about progress each class. Bringing out the best outcomes for your child through Preparing, Instructing and Praising is the backbone of our teaching philosophy, and it’s woven into every class we teach. This is the way learn to swim should be — helping every child feels safe and at home as we join them on their swimming journey.

What people are saying

Best swim school ever! This place is like a big happy family. The kids love their instructors (I have three girls aged 2,3,5) and we’ve been going there since they opened. Would never ever contemplate changing as the girls have progressed so well, they have water safety and confidence and love going in the pool. My youngest was ready to progress well before the age she was allowed to! Love it, highly recommend!
Kimberly Nichles, JUMP! Swim Schools Bundall
We love love love Jump Swim School at Guildford. Everyone is so welcoming and friendly, it’s incredibly clean, great area to change bubs after, play area etc. Our kids have thrived here. Their teacher Amiee is so warm, friendly and attentive and genuinely interested in our kids and their swimming. In just 5 weeks of coming here our daughter is leaps and bounds ahead of where she was after 6+ months at her previous school and our baby who’s never swum before, is happy and confident in the water, which i believe has everything to do with his amazing teacher and the calm, friendly environment here. Recommend this school to everyone!