What’s the winning formula for Australia’s next generation of swim stars?

Develop water confidence from three months of age

JUMP! Swim Schools has drafted the winning formula for Australia’s next generation of Olympic swim stars, starting them as young as three months of age.

We go for gold with a personalised service which delivers an outcomes-based curriculum, caps numbers at four per class, runs just two classes simultaneously and heats the water to 33 degrees all year around.

Children as young as three months old are now able to develop water confidence and learn the basics of Australia’s premier Olympic sport through the company’s international expansion of these custom facilities and tailored lessons.

“Babies are capable of achieving amazing things and we use the best practices from learn-to-swim programs across the world and focus on the core elements of conditioning, buoyancy breath control and mobility,” Mr Campbell said.

“Our family-friendly approach fosters close relationships with owners, teachers, children and parents making for a familiar and safe environment, perfect for boosting the confidence in young swimmers.”

JUMP! managing director Ian Campbell has no doubt Australia’s 10-medal haul in the pool at Rio contributed to a spike in winter enrolments across the company’s 30 boutique swim school sites.

As Spring rolls in, Mr Campbell expects enrolment figures numbers to soar ahead of the peak Summer swimming season.

“The iconic Australian lifestyle centres around water-based activities whether it’s surfing or sailing on the coast, rowing or skiing on our rivers, fishing or canoeing in our lakes, enjoying family time in the backyard pool or bringing home a slew of medals from the Rio Olympic Games,” Mr Campbell said.

“At the very foundation of these activities is water confidence. This confidence and ensuing journey through water can begin as early as three months of age and continue all year round.

“Our state-of-the-art swimming facilities ensure swimming is no longer seasonal and the fun of swimming doesn’t have to stop during the cooler months and as a result, winter enrolments figures were up 22 per cent.”

“We are increasing participation levels across the country in fun, safe, age appropriate and distraction-free environments that are perfect for boosting the confidence in young swimmers.

“We know this early confidence can lead to great things and that some of our future Olympians, whether they be swim stars or representing our country in rowing, surfing, sailing or kayaking, will be JUMP! Swim Schools graduates.”

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