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Our Membership Policies

An acknowledgement form is to be completed and signed to confirm you understand and will adhere to policies.

Please note that JUMP! is a private, members only facility, and children may only begin lessons once membership has been approved. We cannot include children in classes who have not been enrolled and paid for in full, then we can secure placement. We do not hold places or accept part payments.

A $35.00 non-refundable fee per child is charged on enrolment and includes a welcome pack for your child. The membership fee is a once only fee paid on or before your child/children’s first lesson . If you re-enrol within 12 months of your previous cancellation date the Jump Swim School may choose to waiver this membership fee. Membership fee is payable for EACH child in the family and is non-refundable.

JUMP! Swim Schools fee structure is calculated on a ‘Cost per Lesson’ basis. It is based on 1 lesson per week. The two payment options available are payment via monthly direct debit or a full upfront payment for a 12 week block.

No payment shorter than 12 weeks will be accepted. For insurance purposes, we require all customers to be paid in advance.

Initial Deposit Amount 

If opting to use the direct debit via Ezidebit and you would like to commence lessons before the direct debit date, the remainder of weeks in that month will need to be paid upfront to align with the direct debit payment date schedule of the first business day of the month.

By choosing direct debit method this may mean that the monthly amounts payable may differ depending on how many lessons are in that month.

From the first debit, an additional 2-week deposit equalling 2 swimming lessons will be held. This deposit acts as a safety net if any technological issues were to occur between banks. Also if you do not return for 2 weeks, this deposit will cover the 2 swimming lessons we would have held during this time and we will un-enrol your child after these 2 weeks of non-attendance.

This deposit is will be used as 2 extra lessons at the end of your allocated block if you decide to cancel your enrolment

Please ensure that your direct debit request is completed in full and handed to the Jump! Manager prior to the commencement of the deduction and you advise of any changes to your account as they occur.

Failed Payments 

If direct debit has failed, payment is due immediately upon arrival of your child’s next lesson for the remainder of that month. If no payment is made after a failed direct debit your child will not be allowed to participate until payment has been made.

A handling charge of $10 will be charged by Ezidebit on all declined direct debit transactions. If an automatic direct debit is returned 3 times, all debit privileges will be cancelled.


Notification of cancellation must be provided 14 days prior to a scheduled debit, or the following month will be debited.


Direct debit memberships are ongoing. Your account will continue to be debited until you fill out and returning a membership cancellation form.

If Ezidebit is not an option, we accept 12-week prepayments by Cash or Credit Card. A payment of 12 week lessons is due before your child commences their first lesson. If you would like to continue on past this 12 weeks, payment of another 12 weeks is payable again before the new 12-week block continues.

To cancel your lessons, you must notify Jump! Manager 14 days prior to the last lesson by filling out and returning a membership cancellation form. If and you wish to cancel any other time during the 12 week block you will forfeit the remaining lessons in that block.

Non Transferable, Non Refundable

Membership lessons are non-transferable to other people and cannot be refunded or credited unless at fault by JUMP! Swim Schools.

We do not want your child to miss out on a lesson if they are on holiday or unwell!

There is a limit of 2 make-up classes per 12 week block whilst enrolled at JUMP!. To qualify for a make-up lesson, JUMP! must be notified of a swimmer being absent prior to the class commencing. Make-up classes can be booked up to one week in advance and can be used at any time whilst enrolled in a that 12 week block. If a make-up lesson is missed, it cannot be made up. A cancellation of your enrolment will lead to a forfeiture of all unused make-up lessons on your account.


  • Make-up lessons cannot be used to extend lessons past your requested class date. We cannot guarantee makeup swim lessons with specific teachers and we cannot offer missed private lesson make-up classes in a private class
  • Direct debits will not be cancelled during a school holiday Where Jump! Swim Schools elect to close for Christmas and public holidays you will not be charged for closure days.
  • If you have make up lessons available and advise of your cancellation 2 weeks in advance, you are required to use these make ups within the 2-week period. If you do not and cancellation has occurred, you will forfeit the make-up classes.
  • We cannot guarantee makeup swim lessons with specific teachers and cannot always guarantee your preferred time.
  • If you miss a private lesson time, we cannot offer make-ups

If 2 classes are missed and there has been no communication from the family JUMP! reserves the right to cancel the membership and not refund the deposit.

If a group class has one or two students in it, JUMP! Swim Schools has the right to consolidate that class. Opening days and hours may change, however the staff will work with you to re-schedule classes on the new days and 1 week’s prior notice will be given.

JUMP! Swim Schools does not guarantee teacher request and a  teachers schedule may change at any time.

All children who are not toilet trained or under the age of 3 must wear a reusable swim nappy while taking lessons at JUMP! Swim Schools. Parents or guardians participating in their child lessons must wear lycra or similar approved swimwear and rash tops.